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Mythos 2

Mythos 2
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The Mythos 2 is the next generation of espresso grinder, continuing on from the success of the Mythos One. Rather than looking to improve, the Mythos 2 has evolved to be the ideal grinder for a large range of businesses. Available in three versions - Pure, Premium and Gravi.

With 85mm titanium coated burrs, two large rear fans and Clima Pro 2.0 technology, the Mythos 2 is capable of greater productivity and service speed. Newly designed portafilter fork, 2kg hopper and touchscreen display aid the barista in their day to day usage of the Mythos 2, allowing minor adjustments for major impact.

A new variable speed inverter motor allows the barista to decide on the ideal speed from 400-1200rpm, increasing productivity, lowering energy consumption, and with the added benefit of silent operation.

The Gravitech version utilises patented technology to control the dose of ground coffee in the portafilter by its actual weight, ensuring unmatched consistency. This will help guarantee your customer an unforgettable espresso every time.

Dimensions WxHxD 202 x 518 x 416mm
Power 550W (variable speed) 300W (fixed speed)
Voltage 110-220V
Bean Hopper Capacity 2kg
Grinding Adjustment Micrometric
Productivity (Kg/h) 15
Burrs 85mm
Gross Weight 24,5kg/54.01lb (variable speed) 23,5kg/51,8lb (fixed speed)
Net Weight 21,9kg/48.28lb 21kg/46,9lb (fixed speed)
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