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Mythos One

Mythos One
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All espresso grinders are good at one thing - crushing coffee beans. Those that excel though give greater control over grind profile, consistency of dosing and unnecessary wastage. In order to control these parameters, Victoria Arduino worked alongside a team of barista champions to find out what they wanted in an espresso grinder and how they could achieve it.

The Mythos One was born out of a desire to give greater control over the consistency of coffee, both in terms of grind profile and coffee dose. By adding a controlled amount of heat to the burr chamber, the Mythos One can be brought up to operating temperature quickly and held there throughout the day to the demands of a busy cafe.

Add to this the unique Clump Crusher system which helps to provide fluffier grinds, and what you have is an incredibly accurate espresso grinder capable of providing consistent dosing and minimal wastage.

Dimensions WxHxD 188 x 510 x 400mm
Power 800W
Voltage 230-240V 50-60Hz
Bean Hopper Capacity 1.3kg
Grinding Adjustment Micrometric
Productivity (Kg/h) 15
Burrs 75mm titanium
Gross Weight 25kg
Net Weight 23kg
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